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How to import a BOM?

For the purpose of testing importing data you can use the following files:

The bare minimum fields you need to import a BOM is the Qty field, even if left blank, which you can when also mapping the Designators field (learn more).

Matching and assigning parts

Learn more about it here.

Parts must already exist

The parts you want to automatically assign on your BOM must already exist on your workspace. This means you might need to create or import them first. Normally, if you have enough information about parts (Manufacturer and Part Number) on the CSV you are importing your BOM with, you can use that same CSV file to import the parts first.

In case your parts already exist on your workspace and you use internal part numbers (Internal PN), your BOM CSV file might simply include the Internal PN of those parts for them to be automatically assigned when importing the BOM.