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BOMIST has two release channels: main and beta. This changelog refers to the main one.
Would you like to get early access to new features? Check out the beta channel instead.

  • When removing a production build that hasn't been marked as assembled yet, all reserved and assembled inventory is reverted (added back into stock). When removing builds marked as assembled, reverting assembled inventory is optional (just as before)
  • [fix] Unable to remove storage locations

  • Sales orders: the same part can be added multiple times into a single sales order. This is useful if you want to use inventory from different revisions for the same part.
  • Lots: Alt. Code is now displayed on tables, if defined, along with the main Lot Code
  • Production builds: status can be now manually changed (before, you could only change it to a previous state)
  • Custom field of type String renamed to Text
  • The Unit Cost can be updated (not overwritten) when importing parts, as long as the Unit Cost and Stock fields are mapped and the value in Stock is positive
  • [fix] Add to... Purhcase Order quantity being overwritten instead of added to the existing item. When adding quantity to an existing item, the original unit of measure is preserved.
  • [fix] Chance for default value not to be set on quantity inputs
  • [fix] Row expander column not being displayed (e.g. on the BOM table, when the BOM view is set to Multi-level)
  • Some small UI fixes and improvements

  • Improved warnings and errors when attempting to import parts with Stock and Unit of Measure defined
  • [fix] Unable to import parts with negative stock (for bulk stock adjustments of existing parts)
  • [fix] Chance for being unable to move the whole quantity of a consumable to another location due to rounding errors

  • Reduced margins on option values when displayed on tables so row height isn't changed. This allows for a small performance improvement when rendering tables.
  • Break lines on BOM instructions
  • Phone included on contact's details
  • Possible fix for the chance of some rows not being rendered
  • [fix] Setting remove inventory if empty not being respected when consuming inventory on production builds
  • [fix] Chance for not being able to type a number on a quantity input when minimum value exists and it's positive

  • [fix] Chance for purchasing tables not to preserve its state
  • [fix] When editing a contact, phone field used as default value for email
  • [fix] Inventory restrictions: Allow from other owners not being respected
  • [fix] Quantity inputs with defined minimum/maximum value, conversion for those limits not being done when unit changes (e.g. if minimum value is "1 L" and the unit is changed to "mL" the new minimum value should now be "1000 mL" and not "1 mL")
  • [fix] Chance for crash when adding items from a sales order into another one, through the Add to.. Sales Order menu
  • [fix] Suppliers: when importing custom quotes, chance for in-house parts not to be found
  • [fix] Production build: chance for rows to be marked as assembled even if any source has been picked, and thus no inventory had been consumed, when using generic parts

  • When cancelling a production build, a confirmation text has to be typed in
  • [fix] Chance for crash in the Products - Pricing & Availability table
  • [fix] Unable to import quantities with a custom unit of measure that includes numbers, whitespaces or dashes
  • [fix] Chance for NaN price when defining a custom price break

  • Barcode labels can now be exported from the production availability table as well as from the production build table. These barcodes might include the quantity listed on these tables.
  • Products table now includes the custom fields for Part
  • When importing a BOM, if Rev is mapped for a part but not found on the app, it's still set on the BOM row. Even if inventory or the revision itself doesn't exist on the app by the time the BOM is imported, this makes sure the revision is enforced during production.
  • In the production build table some actions on the context-menu were moved to an Actions... sub-menu so the chances for the whole context-menu to overflow the window are lower
  • A Select all menu was added to the tables context-menu which selects all rows
  • [fix] Not able to import stock with unit of measure other than each from Suppliers and Purchase Orders
  • [fix] Chance for a double part already exists warning when importing parts
  • [fix] When editing a part, Electrical category being set by default
  • [fix] When defining a custom price break for a part with a unit of measure that belongs to the Unit category, not able to set the price "per selected unit" or "per value and select unit" (instead, the price would be set "per default unit"). For example, when entering the price for a Box-of-5, the price would be set per each if that would be the default unit of the part.
  • [fix] Manually changing Qty on a purchase order would zero planned inventory for remaining parts on it
  • [fix] Not able to set Pref. Supplier on outsourced parts

  • When importing parts, units of measure on the Stock field are now case-insensitive
  • When importing in-house parts, if the part and corresponding product already exist but the mapped Rev doesn't, a new product revision (with empty BOM) is created
  • [fix] Crash after setting generic parts as equivalents of each other
  • [fix] Unable to create builds from production plans that have an empty BOM. This might not be very common (having production revisions with an empty BOM) but if that's what you need, the app won't prevent you from using production plans just for, even though no procurement is created in this case, just the production build(s).

  • API: when creating a new product a new default revision is also created and the revCode can now be passed (previously, it would default to "A")
  • [fix] Chance for the global History to not load events
  • [fix] Chance for the drag-and-drop CSV file feature not to work
  • [fix] Inputs not enforcing min/max values
  • [fix] When importing parts with Create products enabled, Rev (if mapped) not being respected. Before the Rev field was used only for existing product revisions and to adjust stock.
  • [fix] Chance for the parts Autocomplete... feature not to fill-in some fields
  • [fix] Barcode scanning with configuration set to Action: Search and Where: Current Tables not working on the production availability table
  • [fix] In the BOM table's context menu, some actions were moved to a sub-menu Actions... so the whole context menu doesn't overflow the window making it impossible to see some of its items

  • Expiration Date can be passed when importing custom quotes
  • When importing custom quotes, existing quotes for mapped supplier and part can be automatically expired
  • Menu added to expire selected custom quotes (at the current date)
  • [fix] BOM instructions not being copied when creating a new product revision copied from the previous one
  • [fix] Chance for infinite loop when rendering Available Quotes