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Custom Fields

The app allows you to create your own custom fields which will show up on tables and can also be imported along with data.

custom fields

Custom fields can be created through the Settings - Workspace - Custom fields, for every data element in the app (e.g. Part, Inventory, Storage, etc.) and can have one of these types:

  • String
  • SI value (learn more)
  • Boolean
  • Option
  • Date
  • URL
  • App Element

The options in custom fields of type Option can have a color, picked from a pre-defined color palette (so you don't have to pick the right green every time you want a green and so the color contrast and readability looks right on the app).

The App Element type is meant to be used when a field should point to another data element(s) in the app. For example, in case you need to create a custom field that would hold a Preferred Storage location for a part, pointing to a Storage location, that custom field would then point to an App Element of type Storage. You can also set it to point to multiple values of the same type (e.g. to several storage locations).