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Role-based Permissions


Role-based permissions are available only on Team Workspaces

Role-based permissions allow you to define what other team members can see and/or change in a Team Workspace.

The app comes with 3 simple roles but you can also create as many custom ones as needed.

Default roles

Default roles are the simplest and probably the ones you'll use the most.

User management
Permission roles management
Access to all featuresread/writeread/writeread-only

Custom roles

Users and permission roles management is not available in custom roles but you have a much higher level of detail in configuring which parts of the app are accessible or not.

custom roles

In most cases, access can be set to:

  • Full access: access to all features (read/write)
  • Read-only: can see data but cannot change it
  • Hidden: cannot even see the data
  • No access: same as hidden or disabled