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Part Number Generation

Internal part numbers can be automatically generated along with series. Each series defines a prefix and can be used to group different types of parts through their internal part number.

The generated part number is a simple counter. When creating a new series you can define its initial value. The current counter value, or rather the next part number, can also be edited to any value and the app will let you know what's the maximum number currently being used.

As a rule of thumb, internal part numbers should start with a 1 (e.g. "100000") so when opening one on a spreadsheets app the zeros are preserved instead of being cut (e.g. "000000" would become simply "0"). In case you use a series, and hence a prefix, this won't be relevant but you can still ensure generated numbers are zero-padded by a defined amount (6 by default).

When manually creating the part a series can be defined and an internal part number is generated accordingly.

Note that in Team Workspaces, by the time the part is created this part number might be slightly different as the part number visible in the dialog might have been used by another user in the meantime.

When bulk importing parts all you need is to define a Series column containing the prefix of the series the part should belong to and an internal part number will be generated accordingly.