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Being able to quickly quote lists of parts can be extremely useful when estimating the production cost of a BOM, by considering all inventory that has to be purchased, and when deciding from where those parts can actually be purchased, based on the required quantity and its availability on suppliers.

Bill of materials (BOMs) and purchase lists can be quickly quoted thanks to the integration with the Nexar API (formerly Octopart), which gives the app access to real-time pricing and availability on online suppliers. Custom suppliers and quotes can also be manually entered through Suppliers.

pricing & availability

available quotes

Preferred suppliers can be defined in Settings > Workspace > Quotes and the app will try to find quotes through them, in the same order provided and by picking the cheapest quotes given the quantity required.

prices visible only on professional plans

Even though quoting is available on all plans, prices are only visible on professional plans. This means you can still assign quotes in a purchase list and see parts availability on online suppliers but won't be able to estimate costs.