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Release Notes v2.10.0-beta.1

  • Units of measure: you can now track inventory measured by its length, area, volume or weight. New units can be created under these categories.
    You can for example create different units for Unit (by default, Each is used) which would allow you to track quantities by Packs or 40-pin or pin which can then be converted to any other unit under the same category. Units of measure under the same category (i.e. unit, length, area, volume or weight) can be converted into each other.
  • With the introduction of units of measure, parts can also have different categories: electrical, mechanical and consumable. Only consumables can be tracked by its length, area, volume or weight.
  • When manually creating a BOM entry, a part can be picked to be immediately assigned
  • A color can now be defined for custom fields of type Option, which is displayed on tables
  • All fields named Quantity were renamed to Qty for brevity and consistency throughout the app
  • Number representation respects current locale
  • Workspace settings were re-organized and split into different topics for easier access