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Release Notes v2.10.0-beta.12

  • New feature: role-based permissions (Team Workspaces only)
  • The app is now using the new Nexar API (formerly Octopart API)
  • [fix] Procurement picking the wrong product revision
  • [fix] Input not accepting the minus symbol (-)

Role-based Permissions

This release introduces role-based permissions. Right now you can pick from 3 basic roles:

  • Admin: can add other users, has access to all features
  • Member: cannot add other users but has access to all features
  • Observer: has access to all the features but in read-only mode (data cannot be changed)

The role can be set when adding a Team Member (only through the app), or through the Account & Team dialog.

Soon you will also be able to create custom roles with detailed permissions.