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Release Notes v2.12.0-beta.3

  • You can now use third-party APIs from online suppliers such as Mouser, Digikey and Element14 (Farnell, Newark). These APIs allow you to get pricing information and quotes directly from these suppliers or distributors. You'll have to get your API key from each of these suppliers and each one of these will have different conditions and limits (e.g. maximum number of requests) which you should check. The app takes care of caching and ensures maximum requests per minute is respected for every supported API service. Currently, APIs from Digikey, Mouser and Element14 (Farnell and Newark) are supported but more are expected in the future.
  • BOM settings were moved to the Settings dialog (instead of being accessible from the Product or Production tabs)
  • Company information can be added under Settings - Workspace. This information is then included on exported PDFs for sales orders and purchase orders
  • API: endpoint /storage/<storage_id>/move added