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Release Notes v2.9.0-beta.5

  • You can now set the Preferred Part Number a part should be identified with: Internal PN or Part Number. This is done through Settings > Workspace > Preferred PN. With this, fields like Alternates, that display a list of alternative parts, will use either part number to identify those parts. On barcode labels, when the preferred PN is set to Internal PN, the Internal PN is used on the barcode label's title (instead of the manufacturer's Part Number) as it's more relevant.
  • Custom fields of type App Element can now have multiple values. As an example, on a custom field of type App Element - Part you could set multiple parts under that field.
  • New shortcut: Ctrl + P (or Cmd+P on macOS). This sends selected items on the most recently used table to the printer, similar to manually exporting labels and selecting Send to printer as the output method. The most recently used table is the one that received a click or on each an item was most recently selected.
  • Contacts: references to Customer removed. Instead of a Customer #, a contact has now an ID which consists of an alternative way to identify the contact other than by its name
  • Contacts: references to VAT# field renamed to Tax ID