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Release Notes v2.9.0-beta.10

  • Inventory: inventory for in-house parts without a project associated to them can get a textual Rev (instead of having to pick a specific revision from a project)
  • Inventory: when adding inventory, a Rev can be defined
  • Lots: Lots can now be manually created through the Lots tab. These are named custom Lots as inventory can be added into them only manually (through the Inventory table or when importing parts)
  • Lots: Lot # can now be renamed
  • Lots: new field Alt. Lot #. While Lot # has to be unique, Alt. Lot # doesn't. It can be used to represent a vendor or customer-facing lot code, different than the one used internally.
  • Projects: Pricing & Availability table now includes an Availability column. This represents availability to purchase (if needed), according to the selected quotes (or lack of them). This should make it easier to spot the parts that might be harder to source for the desired quantity.