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Release Notes v2.10.0-beta.16

  • Backport of v2.9.25 release (see changelog)

  • Barcode labels (detailed format) now include a second barcode which encodes the text that is printed on the label as a title. For example, for Part labels that represents the Part Number, while for Storage labels that represents the storage location's name.

  • Parts can now be added straight into purchase orders. You can pick an existing purchase order on the desired supplier or create a new one. When adding parts straight into purchase orders you'll have to manually set prices for each line (if needed).

  • When moving quoted parts on a purchase list to purchase orders, you can now opt to add those into existing open purchase orders or to create new ones. Previously, a new purchase order would be created for every selected supplier.

  • Beta versions of the app now always backup daily and on a different backup folder, so the main one is not clogged with beta backups which could be eventually deleted due to the rolling backups.

  • Procurement settings added under Settings - Workspace - Procurement