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Release Notes v2.9.0-beta.3

  • BOM: auto-assign parts only of selected items
  • When auto-assigning parts, consider generic parts as well
  • Stock On-hand renamed to Stock Available
  • Stock On-hand now represents the sum of stock available plus the stock reserved, as both stock available and reserved are technically on-hand.
  • New types of inventory: allocated and in-production. These allow to list and track inventory that has been allocated to purchase builds or sales orders. Allocated inventory doesn't necessarily exist or is associated to any specific stock unit, but it allows to represent a need for that inventory. Later, this will be used to better plan production and purchasing by taking into account current inventory levels and already allocated inventory, as well as its timeline. Lastly, in-production inventory allows to track units that are currently in production, similarly to the on-order inventory that was already being listed.
  • Stock Balance: this represents all the stock that is available and incoming (ordered or in-production) minus the stock that has been allocated. This should provide you with a useful insight on whether you are stocking more inventory than you need (overstocking) or the opposite (understocking).
  • Part details and inventory table display all stock types (on-hand, available, reserved, allocated, on-order and in-production)