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Release Notes v2.9.0-beta.11

  • Projects: when removing a project revision you now need to type a confirmation text in order to make it harder to accidently remove its BOM and project builds
  • Projects: a project build is now considered in-progress once inventory has been reserved for at least one item
  • Parts: the on/off setting for the auto-completer for outsourced parts in the Part dialog is now remembered
  • Lots: when manually increasing quantity of inventory on a Lot a (big) warning is displayed and leaving a comment, briefly explaining this adjustment, is mandatory
  • Barcodes: angle brackets can now be used to replace non-readable characters on vendor-barcodes (e.g. <GS>; before only curly brackets were supported as in {GS})
  • Tables: when clicking on a chevron to expand/collapse a row, the corresponding row is not selected
  • [fix] When going-to Storage, chance for selected storage not to be visible if nested inside collapsed storage locations
  • [fix] When exporting tables into PDF or HTML, group by is now respected
  • [fix] Generic parts: stock (allocated, planned, etc) not being updated according to its alternates
  • [fix] Alt. Lot # can now be grouped by and sorting has been fixed