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Release Notes v2.13.0-beta.5

  • Initial setup time reduced at the expense of having some tables taking a bit longer to load the first time they are rendered.
  • Unit cost on generic parts is now the weighted average of all its alternates by taking into account their stock on-hand. Before, the unit cost of a generic part was the simple average of the unit cost of its alternates.
  • When importing custom quotes, part number and manufacturer are optional (useful when internal PN is used instead)
  • Custom fields of type Option can now be displayed on the calendar (for the data types that support the calendar)
  • More color options have been added to custom fields of type Option
  • A pick-list can now be generated from a production build by right-clicking on the table and select Pick List.... This list is grouped by storage location, so you can more conveniently check all the parts and quantities that need to be picked for each storage location