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Release Notes v2.9.0-beta.9

  • Date pickers now have a select box to quickly select the year and month
  • Settings: Enforce quotes no longer exists. On a purchase list, selecting quotes is mandatory so purchase orders for each supplier can be created.
  • Multiple labels can be removed at the same time
  • Inventory on a Lot can now be manually increased. This might result in traceability loss as this adjustment might not be related with the purchase order or project build the Lot was originally created at, so adding a comment explaining this adjustment is recommended.
  • [fix] Suppliers: not able to create a price break on a custom quote
  • [fix] API: part not being correctly assigned when creating a project build
  • [fix] External links not opening on the default browser
  • [fix] Print shortcut printing inventory barcode labels on the Parts view, instead of part barcode labels
  • Several small UI/UX improvements