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  • Requests to third-party APIs run in parallel, resulting in less time waiting for quotes
  • Octopart/Nexar API can now be disabled (only used when searching for quotes). This might be useful if you prefer to only use the supported third-party APIs (DigiKey, Mouser, etc), so the app doesn't spend time fetching quotes from Octopart.
  • Element14 API can now use a customer ID so you get custom pricing straight from Element14 stores (Farnell, Newark)
  • Support for TME API added
  • [fix] View selector: items not draggable
  • [fix] Chance for error at startup when documents with URL have been created through the API
  • You can now use third-party APIs from online suppliers such as Mouser, Digikey and Element14 (Farnell, Newark). These APIs allow you to get pricing information and quotes directly from these suppliers or distributors. You'll have to get your API key from each of these suppliers and each one of these will have different conditions and limits (e.g. maximum number of requests) which you should check. The app takes care of caching and ensures maximum requests per minute is respected for every supported API service. Currently, APIs from Digikey, Mouser and Element14 (Farnell and Newark) are supported but more are expected in the future.
  • BOM settings were moved to the Settings dialog (instead of being accessible from the Product or Production tabs)
  • Company information can be added under Settings - Workspace. This information is then included on exported PDFs for sales orders and purchase orders
  • API: endpoint /storage/<storage_id>/move added
  • This release introduces BOM Instructions. BOM instructions allow you to create steps that should be followed during assembly. A BOM instruction can reference items in the BOM and documents and notes can be added into it as well.

During production you can then change the status of each step from to-do, to in-progress to done.

  • Files can now be drag-and-dropped onto tables. Tables that can import data through a CSV file will accept CSV files (except purchase orders). Files can also be dropped into Document tables, both on the global table as well as on the Documents table that belong to things (i.e. parts, etc). In this case, the file is saved/uploaded to the workspace itself and becomes listed on the thing it refers to.
  • Calendar: you have now access to a calendar to better and more easily visualize important dates (deadlines). Just look for the calendar button that, if available, should be right next to the filters button (see below). Right now you have access to a calendar in: sales orders (delivery dates), production plans (dates by which products should be assembled) and production builds (dates by which production should have inventory reserved and has been fully assembled)
  • API: /documents endpoins added so you can get and set documents for things in the app (i.e. for parts, etc)
  • Context menu items without an icon are padded so they line up with remaining items with an icon
  • ID code and Date code show up on history logs
  • [fix] Columns/view selector now showing up on some tables
  • [fix] Chance for Clear selection context menu to be incorrectly disabled
  • [fix] Chance to receive items on a purchase order more than once (button not getting disabled after items being received)
  • [fix] Sales order not being marked as delivered when all items have been marked as delivered
  • Some other minor UI improvements
  • Documents (on the global tab): a new table, References, allows you to see which things (i.e. parts, etc) are referencing/using any given Document
  • When editing a cell, only one editable widget is shown at a time. Scrolling or clicking outside of it leaves its editing mode.
  • When Unique internal PNs (under Settings - Parts) is enabled, parts can be identified by their Internal PN whenever importing data (parts, if they exist already, purchase orders and sellables, on suppliers)
  • [fix] Editable widget rendering issue
  • [fix] Chance for context menu items to be incorrectly disabled on the Inventory table
  • [fix] Minimize app button not working
  • Small UI improvements
  • The app has now a light theme so you don't have to increase your monitor's brightness during these sunny days. The theme can be switched from Settings - General - Theme
  • You can now open new windows for the app so you can see tables from different tabs at the same time, for example, instead of having to go back and forth
  • The app's font size can now be adjusted through Settings - General - App font size (previously, only the tables font size could be adjusted)
  • Several small fixes and UI/UX improvements
  • This release brings a much faster implementation of tables. Being a very table-intensive app, this means the app should also perform better overall.
  • Columns in tables can now be pinned (to the left of the table) so they are always visible when scrolling horizontally.

Your current table configurations won't be used with this new implementation. This means all columns will be visible by default and with a default size. For every table make sure to select the View previously being used or to hide columns that you don't need to have displayed. Even though this implementation is much faster, the use of table Views is still recommended.