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Release Notes v2.1.4

  • Purchase order importer and csv template for Digi-Key and Mouser orders
  • Currency formatter improved (respects localization)
  • Unit prices displayed with 3 decimal places
  • Go-to Part added to supplier parts table
  • [fix] unable to select hidden workspace file in macOS
  • [fix] custom supplier not showing up on available quotes
  • [fix] Storage column refreshed after being changed through the inventory table

Importing purchase orders (and parts)

You can now import purchase orders and parts directly from purchase orders placed on your favourite distributor. All you need is a CSV file that you can normally generate through the online distributor.

By importing a purchase order, if the parts included in it are not yet available on the app they will be created as well. Not all part fields need to be defined and BOMIST will try to autocomplete most of them for your convenience.

The importer includes a CSV template for purchase orders generated from Digi-Key and Mouser, meaning appropriate CSV settings and field/column mappings will be set by default.