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Release Notes v2.1.5

  • Quote selection enforcement can be disabled/enabled
  • Part columns added to storage parts table
  • BOM table displays total quantity for each grouped designator
  • [fix] BOM table displays not only the grouped designator prefix but also the designators for each BOM row
  • [fix] create purchase lists for BOMs that include in-house parts (do not add the part itself to the list)

Selecting quotes to create purchase orders

Previously, in order to create a purchase order (PO) the user was required to pick up a quote from an available supplier. This can be inconvenient as available quotes might be outdated, showing as "not available" when the part is in fact available on a given supplier, or it would require the user to setup custom quotes in the supplier tab.

Selecting quotes is now optional and can be disabled/enabled through Settings > Workspace > Enforce quote selection. When disabled, all it takes to create a PO is to have a supplier defined, which will be picked from the Part's data or from the global preferred suppliers. In this case, the user is responsible for making sure the part is available on the given supplier.