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Release Notes v2.11.6


This update brings important fixes and improvements on how parts are matched and auto-assigned when importing a BOM CSV file.

The app tries to match parts according to the Part Matching Data (PMD) - the values mapped on the CSV file - and the part matching fields - listed in the BOM preferences dialog - but fields don't have to be all matched. For example, if a 1k resistor would be required but the mapped Part Number wasn't found, another resistor with the same value could be picked (and automatically assigned if Assign first match was enabled).

You can now tell the app to only ever auto-assign a part if it fully matches the PMD by enabling the Exact matches option in the BOM Preferences dialog. If only partially matched, it's still shown as a suggestion so you can manually approve it.

The PMD icon on the table, for each row, will also tell you if the PMD has been fully matched (green), only partially (orange) or not matched at all (red).

  • The Manufacturer field cannot be used as a single part matching field; in case you have it in use it will be forcibly removed. Instead, you most likely want to use Part Number + Manufacturer (the default setting) when matching parts
  • Previously, whenever manually setting a row as DNP, the part, if previously assigned, would be assigned. The Allow DNP with part option in the BOM Preferences dialog (see above) allows the part to remain assigned
  • When importing a BOM file with the DNP field mapped, the following text can be used (case-insensitive; white-spaces, dashes and underscores ignored) to denote "do not populate": not fitted, dnf , nf, dnp, np, yes, true.
  • [fix] Chance for Assign first match to be used even if shown as disabled
  • [fix] Chance for incorrect part match due to wrong text comparison