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Release Notes v2.7.4

  • Parts: immediately validate Part Number, Manufacturer and Internal PN whenever the values change on the Part dialog (before, validation would occur only after pressing the save button)
  • Filters: focus on the Search input once filters become visible
  • Inventory: the inventory table (under Part details) now has Filters
  • Project builds: whenever marking items as assembled, you can now specify an assembled on date
  • Export: prices can now be exported as floating-point numbers (currency is omitted) - this is configurable through Settings > General > Export > Prices as floats
  • [fix] Storage: UI freezing after using the Move to... dialog
  • [fix] Purchase order: update part's stock whenever changing Order Qty on an ordered purchase order
  • [fix] API: GET /labels/<label_id> and POST /inventory/<inventory_id>/adjust_qty endpoints