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Release Notes v2.1.8

  • Automatic backups
  • API route parameters documented (required by Swagger Editor)
  • [fix] offline/read-only notifications incorrectly showing up on the FREE plan

Automatic Backups

BOMIST can now automatically backup your workspaces. You can define a backup interval (daily, weekly, monthly - or never, in case you want to disable it), the folder the backups should be stored at and how many you want to keep. This can be configured through Settings > Backups.

As these backups are kept on your file-system, we recommend you to put them in a folder that can sync with some cloud storage service (e.g. Dropbox). This way, if for some reason you stop being able to access the computer you have the app installed on, you can still access your backup files on the cloud.

Each backup file consists of a Workspace dump file (.bomist_dump) which includes all the data available on your workspace.

To automate the creation of Workspace dump files you can also use the API.