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Release Notes v2.9.14

  • When selecting a grouping row, if it has a single row under it, select that row instead. This avoids having to expand the grouping row to select the single row under it.
  • Table Views can now be reordered (drag-and-drop) in the Views selector
  • When importing prices, if the currency is not specified, the default preferred one is used instead
  • Filters are now remembered when restarting the app. This way, if a currently selected table View uses filters, that view is also preserved.
  • [fix] BOM: Rev value not being correctly exported into CSV
  • [fix] Filters: not working properly for fields with modifiers (i.e. =, >, etc) once the clear filters button is pressed
  • [fix] When editing a field of type AppElement, default value not being displayed
  • [fix] Chance for table headers order not to be saved after reordering them
  • [fix] Chance for crash when removing projects with in-house parts (when project Details tab is open)