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Release Notes v2.3.2

  • BOM copy
  • Parts group edit: package, value, NRFND and non-stocking fields added
  • Export table to PDF improved
  • Merge purchase orders: only purchase orders in the Open state can be merged
  • Merged purchase orders: group by Supplier PN and see aggregated data
  • [fix] CSV and JSON table export: arrays and internal ids

Copying BOMs

You can now copy a project revision's BOM from another project revisions's BOM. This is especially useful for models/variants: different projects that have a very similar BOM, ofen the difference being on the parts that are (not) to be populated (DNP).

Merged Purchase Orders: Aggregated Data

A purchase order always keeps track of purchase lists that originated them. When merging two purchase orders, the resulting purchase order might contain duplicate parts, each one coming from a different purchase list. By grouping the table by Supplier PN you get to see not only the rows corresponding to each purchase list but also the aggregated value on top. If, for example, you want to export into a CSV file only the aggregated values, you simply collapse the grouped row.

To merge purchase orders, they have to have the same supplier and to be in the Open state.