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Release Notes v2.13.10

  • When creating a new product revision, you can now select which other revision you'd like to copy it from
  • Generic parts: unit cost is now the simple average of all its alternates' unit cost as long as all of them are out-of-stock; otherwise the unit cost of the generic is the weighted average by taking into account the stock of each of its alternates (just as before). This allows to use generics to estimate costs even if none of its alternates is in stock.
  • In a production build, the unit cost of a row that uses a generic part comes from its Sources if available, instead of the generic part itself. Unit costs in production builds are now saved once rows are marked as assembled instead of reflecting the real-time unit cost of parts.
  • Inventory restrictions button added to the production build creation dialog
  • [fix] Chance for a crash in the production builds table
  • [fix] BOM: wrong unrolled quantities when using sub-assemblies with a nesting level greater than one
  • [fix] When importing a purchase order, chance for picking the wrong part for the mapped supplier part number
  • [fix] Prevent importing parts with negative stock unless stock already exists on the mapped Storage location
  • [fix] Unable to pick a revision in the Part Finder dialog for parts that are not in-house parts