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Release Notes v2.4.2

  • New custom field type: SI value
  • [fix] BOM Part Matching: show suggestions when value and package are defined even though additional data is not available
  • [fix] Inventory sources picker: filter out sources with qty = 0
  • [fix] Suppliers: add offer
  • [fix] Barcode settings: set default printer name on combo-box
  • [fix] macOS-only Don't maximize window when activating the app through the dock
  • [fix] Crash "cannot read prefix of undefined"

Values with SI Prefixes

You can now create custom fields (through Settings > Workspace > Part custom fields) representing SI values (i.e. values that have a SI prefix). Why is this important? Let's say you want to create a new field called "Rated Voltage" where you'd use values represented in Volts. If you'd use a custom field of type String you'd lose searching capabilities as a string can contain any kind of text. With an SI Value the app will parse the values and is then able to tell that 200mV are the same as 0.2V.