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Release Notes v2.6.6

  • Filters on pretty much all the tables on the app (i.e, where they matter)
  • Filters can now be filtered themselves, so you don't have to look for the exact one you want to use
  • Parts table: display attrition even when set to zero
  • Parts: when importing Tolerance the value is now cleaned so it can include other characters besides the number and still be correctly parsed into a number
  • Purchasing: Add to... context menu added to PLs and POs. This can be useful to "duplicate" PLs, by adding parts from another list into a new one.
  • [fix] Tables: jumping scroll
  • [fix] Lot: barcode labels wrong expiry date (set as current date)
  • [fix] API: export barcode label (custom data)
  • [fix] Purchase orders: save custom fields when importing a PO
  • linux-only [fix] Unable to open workspace
  • Several other small UI/UX improvements