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Release Notes v2.2.0

This is a minor release. Minor releases introduce new features but no backward compatibility issues. Below are some of the highlights. For a more extensive listing of all the changes you can refer to the beta changelog.
  • [new feature] Barcode labels printing and scanning (learn more)
  • Comments added to history logs
  • Preferences dialog added to BOM table
  • Unallocated storage added to the tree in the Storage tab
  • Settings: use preferred suppliers only
  • Import purchase order: Storage can be included in the CSV to import
  • Add inventory: can add into existing storage locations (quantity will be adjusted)
  • Inventory table: "change storage" button removed as the "move quantity" button does essentially the same
  • [fix] Available quotes: filter out quotes with stock < order qty
  • [fix] Alphanumeric sorting for Label and Storage columns
  • [fix] Projects > Pricing & Availability: order qty updated according to batch size
  • [fix] Import purchase orders: wrong column mapping when using pre-defined CSV parser
  • [fix] Prevent race conditions on the database