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Release Notes v2.3.13

  • Projects: active builds
  • Storage: filters added
  • Add parts to purchase lists directly from tables available on Parts, Storage and Suppliers tabs
  • List purchase orders originated from a given purchase list
  • Several small UI improvements

Projects: Active Builds

So far, to see active project builds (i.e. planned or in-progress) you'd have to click through a given project and its own revisions. You can now have an overview of active project builds through the main Projects table. The tags under the Production column will tell you how many builds you have in each state, and by hovering these tags you'll see the corresponding project build codes which you can click to immediately look them up.

Storage: Filtering Inventory

You can now filter inventory in the Storage tab, pretty much the same way you filter parts in the Parts tab. An important difference here is that on top of being able to filter by global stock of a given part, you can also filter by its quantity on a given storage location, for example.

Adding Parts to a Purchase List

Previously, items on a purchase list could be added either manually, through the purchase list itself, or by creating a purchase list through Projects > Pricing & Availability. You can now add parts to purchase lists directly from tables available on the Parts, Storage and Suppliers tab. This is useful because sometimes these tables give you the right view over your inventory from which you'll decide whether to purchase or not these parts. This way, you can for example filter inventory in a specific storage location in the Storage tab and select the parts that don't have any stock or have low stock to be purchased.

Listing Purchase Orders from a Purchase List

A single purchase list can originate several purchase orders. That's the case when you order parts from several Suppliers. You can now track those purchase orders through the purchase list itself. This list shows you all purchase orders in which the selected purchase list is being referenced on.