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Release Notes v2.8.3

  • Significant performance improvements when editing a single item in a BOM or project build item (shorter loading time after item has been changed)
  • Barcode scanning: prefix 1P from ANSI MH10.8.2-2016 format is automatically parsed without having to enable one-shot scanning mode
  • BOM: when matching parts, parts can be matched simply by Value (before, Package must be defined if Value was also defined for the app to come up with a part match or suggestions)
  • Generic parts: Unit Cost can now be defined for generic parts and used if the generic part doesn't have any Alternates yet. In other words, this Unit Cost works as a fallback value so you can price BOMs containing generic parts, even if these generic parts don't have their own Alternate parts yet.
  • [fix] Chance for picking an alternative part without selecting one, effectively picking some undesired part
  • [fix] Chance for database not to sync once a computer is back from sleep mode
  • [fix] Filters: search text saved when switching tabs