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Release Notes v2.13.8

  • When creating parts with a unit of measure belonging in the Unit category, the selected unit of measure must have a ratio equal to 1. This ensures the app is able to track each item by its unit, even though bulk units of measure (e.g. "Pack 100") can and should (if appropriate) be used for example in custom quotes and when purchasing parts.
  • A "copy to clipboard" button was added in the details panel, so the name it refers to (e.g. Part Number, Purchase List #, etc) can be quickly copied into the clipboard.
  • [fix] When importing parts, in case the same part is listed more than once but with a different Rev, only a single part is now created, and inventory or multiple product revisions (if part's type is in-house) are also created, according to mapped Stock and Rev fields.
  • [fix] PDF print command: $data and $doc not being passed (introduced in previous update)
  • [fix] Barcodes: chance for filename to be empty when exporting the barcodes into a files (PNG or PDF)
  • [fix] Chance for some allocated inventory to be listed when it shouln't exist already (e.g. after cancelling a production build)
  • [fix] BOM instructions: newly created instruction always with index set at 1
  • [fix] Fixed some issues when editing a quantity with a minimum value set