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Release Notes v2.1.9

  • New feature: custom fields (parts only)
  • New feature: reorder columns
  • Import parts: label and storage location can now be imported
  • Create part dialog: allow to insert initial inventory by passing quantity and storage location
  • Parts field "hidden" renamed to "NRFND" (not recommended for new designs)
  • Parts field "Non-stocking" added: don't show low stock and out of stock warnings
  • Create project dialog: allow to create in-house part automatically
  • [fix] when assigning a part to a BOM entry, value and package fields are updated accordingly
  • [fix] trees are now sorted alphanumerically (e.g. Storage)

Custom fields

Custom fields allow you do extend fields available on Parts and can be defined through Settings > Workspace > Parts custom fields.

A custom field can be a string, number, boolean or an option. Custom fields show up on parts Filters, on the Parts dialog when creating a new part and also on the Parts Group Edit dialog when editing multiple parts at a time.

Columns re-ordering

Columns on all tables can now be reordered. All you need to do is to drag-and-drop them into the desired location.

Non-stocking and NRFND

NRFND parts can't be assigned to project BOMs. This is useful when a part becomes obsolete.

On the other hand, non-stocking parts can be used normally but low stock and out of stock warnings won't be displayed. Non-stocking parts have a "NS" suffix on the stock column.