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Release Notes v2.12.6

  • [fix] Chance for purchasing tables not to preserve its state
  • [fix] When editing a contact, phone field used as default value for email
  • [fix] Inventory restrictions: Allow from other owners not being respected
  • [fix] Quantity inputs with defined minimum/maximum value, conversion for those limits not being done when unit changes (e.g. if minimum value is "1 L" and the unit is changed to "mL" the new minimum value should now be "1000 mL" and not "1 mL")
  • [fix] Chance for crash when adding items from a sales order into another one, through the Add to.. Sales Order menu
  • [fix] Suppliers: when importing custom quotes, chance for in-house parts not to be found
  • [fix] Production build: chance for rows to be marked as assembled even if any source has been picked, and thus no inventory had been consumed, when using generic parts