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Release Notes v2.3.10

  • BOMs: you can now use designator ranges (e.g. C1-3 instead of C1, C2, C3)
  • CSV importer: you can now pick the rows to import (or to ignore)
  • CSV importer: ignore empty rows
  • PDF export: include company logo (can be set through Account; by default uses BOMIST's logo)
  • PDF export: barcode is included in some tables (project builds, purchase orders/lists, storage parts)
  • Purchase order/list number and description can now be edited
  • Part's Manufacturer and Type can now be grouped
  • Go-to BOM entry after manually adding one
  • Including IDs on exported CSV/JSON files is now optional
  • [fix] PDF export: sorting order and grouping, break page after row
  • [fix] Prefix column on project's build table
  • [fix] Printing: printer name with whitespaces (Windows only)
  • [fix] ComboBox: prevent overflow (ensure it's visible on the screen)
  • [fix] Move inventory (MAKER plan only)