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Release Notes v2.6.4

  • Multi-level BOM is now available under Project Builds
  • The quantity of ordered but not yet received items on a Purchase Order can now be edited
  • Tree-structured data can now be searched (e.g. Labels)
  • Adding parts into a Purchase List or Supplier: a dialog now allows you to add a specific quantity for each part and will let you know the quantity that already exists in the destination Purchase List or Supplier
  • Custom print command, set through Settings > Barcodes, can now include the $data wildcard. This is useful when using custom scripts to generate your own barcode labels, where $data is replaced by base-58 encoded data of the object (part, storage or lot)
  • Shortcuts to increase/decrease table font size added: Ctrl +/- or Cmd +/-. Row height increases/decreases with font size.
  • Inventory dialog: previously used storage location is now remembered
  • Parts: data can now be grouped by Manufacturer PN. This is useful to find out parts that have the same Manufacturer PN but different Manufacturer. The API would also be useful for such a task though.
  • [fix] Part Usage quantities and group by Project Revision
  • [fix] Scroll orientation on Filters and Available Quote has been set to horizontal instead of vertical. Improvements on macOS.
  • [fix] Tables: content overlaps column's width from a certain width. When increasing a column's width, the next columns are now pushed further to the right. The table will still try to fill up all the available horizontal space whenever possible.
  • [fix] When renaming a Project Revision, re-render dropdown box