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Release Notes v2.5.8

  • New custom field type: date. A date field can also be marked as a due date. In case a date is a due date, a warning icon will show up if the date is approaching (7-days remaining) or it is past due. Custom fields can be set for Parts through Settings > Workspace > Part custom fields.
  • Purchasing: when creating Purchase Orders from a Purchase List, the Purchase List gets automatically locked
  • Project builds: items can now be split and merged. Splitting allows you to partially assemble items, for example, when you don't have enough stock in order to assemble a given item in full. In this case, the quantity to take from the item being split should be the one that will not be assembled as stock availability is calculated according to the position the item shows up on the table (# column) in FIFO (first come first served) order
  • Project builds: Qty /unit column added
  • Confirmation dialog added when there are unsaved changes when editing notes
  • [fix] Import parts: when parts already exist, overwrite only mapped fields
  • [fix] Parts Usage: group quantities by Project Revision
  • [fix] Parts Usage: clickable Project Revision