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Release Notes v2.4.0

This is a minor release. Minor releases introduce new features but no backward compatibility issues. Below are some of the highlights. For a more extensive listing of all the changes you can refer to the beta changelog.
  • [new feature] Lot control
  • Reserve and assemble items from multiple inventory sources
  • Unit cost for a Part can be entered with up to 6 decimal places when editing or creating a Part to ensure accuracy
  • Exporting tables: printable data (e.g. PDF) might be rendered differently than original data
  • History logs: links added to some references
  • [fix] CSV import: clear column mapping
  • [fix] Parts import: import part stock only if mapped
  • [fix] Sort by storage names

Lot Control

This new feature brings increased traceability to BOMIST. With it you can assign a lot to items you receive from a Purchase Order or to inventory resulting from Project Builds. This way, whenever you use inventory belonging to a lot you can track its origin.

Multiple Inventory Sources

You can now pick multiple inventory sources when reserving inventory or assembling items on a project build. This way, if you need 100 units but you have 50 in one storage location and 60 in another one, you could use specify both locations in the desired order. You can easily reorder selected inventory sources by drag and drop them.

When assembling items, if inventory was previously reserved you'll have to use that one. In case you'd want to use other inventory sources you'll have to unreserve inventory and then reserve/assemble the items.

Reserving inventory is particularly useful to generate pick lists (e.g. by exporting the table into PDF), so you know where to get inventory from, and to prevent other project builds or manual inventory adjustments from using stock that is meant to be used in a specific project build.