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Release Notes v2.6.7

  • Improvements on auto-assigning quotes. The lowest price quotes are now picked by default. If the price is the same among different suppliers, the quote from the most preferred supplier is picked. Previous behaviour (picking the lowest price quote from the most preferred supplier, if available) can still be enabled by unchecking the Settings > Workspace > Lowest price quotes. The criteria to pick the best quote also changed: it will first try to pick a quote that has stock available on the supplier, then proceeding to the ones without enough stock but where target quantity is within MOQ, and at last falling back to the cheapest quote (if) available. This kind of sorting can be verified through the Available Quotes widget.
  • Part info popup can now be expanded so you can see Inventory, Supply Chain, Documents, etc for that part
  • Part alternates listed on tables can also be hovered in order for the part info popup to show up
  • Purchase Lists: rows with assigned quotes are now highlighted to make it easier to distinguish them from the ones without one
  • [fix] Assigning quotes: quote being removed just after being set
  • [fix] Shortcuts: zoom-in (Ctrl-+) on US keyboard layouts
  • [fix] Issues: reference to row numbers
  • Several other small UI/UX improvements