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Release Notes v2.7.8

  • Parts: specs (in the Details tab) are now grouped by category
  • You can now include links in Markdown text (notes) that go-to things on the app. A few examples:
  [Link to Part](/goto:part.mpn:ATMEGA328-AU)
[Link to LOT946877843](/goto:lot.code:LOT946877843)
  • Table views are now synced in the TEAM plan (you might have to edit them for this to come into effect)
  • New shortcut to Adjust Inventory when the inventory table is displayed and one inventory item is selected: Alt+I (or Option+I on macOS)
  • Documents can now be edited through the context menu
  • Documents can now be saved into a folder anywhere in your file system (right-click - Save... - To folder)
  • [fix] Project build details not showing up when switching tabs
  • [fix] Only the first alternate part showing up on BOMs
  • [fix] Custom quotes not showing up for generic parts
  • [fix] Chance for reverting / marking as received a previously selected PO