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Release Notes v2.10.3

  • v2.10 was originally released with some performance issues. This update fixes that and performance should be now at least the same, if not better, as in v2.9.26
  • Similarly to what's available in the Pricing & Availability table, when checking for parts availability through production plans you can now set the procurement criteria (procure all parts or only if needed), stock source can set from available or from the stock balance and inventory restrictions can be applied for the selected production plans. When selecting production plans for a single product, the inventory restrictions (if any) are automatically set from the product.
  • Column Procure Qty was added in the production availability table to highlight the quantities to be procured depending on the chosen criteria (as explained above)
  • [fix] Chance for parts not to be displayed in the production availability table
  • [fix] Chance for storage to be empty after syncing a Team Workspace for the first time (initial load)
  • [fix] Document's category not being displayed in the Documents table
  • [fix] Erratic behavior on quantity inputs