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Release Notes v2.12.2

  • API: when creating a new product a new default revision is also created and the revCode can now be passed (previously, it would default to "A")
  • [fix] Chance for the global History to not load events
  • [fix] Chance for the drag-and-drop CSV file feature not to work
  • [fix] Inputs not enforcing min/max values
  • [fix] When importing parts with Create products enabled, Rev (if mapped) not being respected. Before the Rev field was used only for existing product revisions and to adjust stock.
  • [fix] Chance for the parts Autocomplete... feature not to fill-in some fields
  • [fix] Barcode scanning with configuration set to Action: Search and Where: Current Tables not working on the production availability table
  • [fix] In the BOM table's context menu, some actions were moved to a sub-menu Actions... so the whole context menu doesn't overflow the window making it impossible to see some of its items