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Release Notes v2.2.3

  • BOM preferences: set fields part data should be matched to when importing a BOM
  • BOM export: revision is set on PDF
  • Barcodes include a line feed to avoid additional barcode scanner configuration
  • [fix] Import purchase order: purchase orders are set as "received"
  • [fix] Storage: tree node is updated after editing storage
  • [fix] Unselect project build when current project revision changes
  • [fix] Barcode reader buffer flush timeout increased
  • [fix] Project revision finder dialog

Import BOM: Part Fields to Match

When importing a BOM, parts would be automatically assigned to each BOM entry if a part on your workspace would match the Man. Part Number and Manufacturer or simply the Man. Part Number. From now on, you can set which fields should be matched. Custom fields can be leveraged to match parts to a custom ID for example or any other value you might find useful. Multiple matching fields can be set.

If more than a part is found for a given match, the part won't be automatically assigned.