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Release Notes v2.12.9

  • Sales orders: the same part can be added multiple times into a single sales order. This is useful if you want to use inventory from different revisions for the same part.
  • Lots: Alt. Code is now displayed on tables, if defined, along with the main Lot Code
  • Production builds: status can be now manually changed (before, you could only change it to a previous state)
  • Custom field of type String renamed to Text
  • The Unit Cost can be updated (not overwritten) when importing parts, as long as the Unit Cost and Stock fields are mapped and the value in Stock is positive
  • [fix] Add to... Purhcase Order quantity being overwritten instead of added to the existing item. When adding quantity to an existing item, the original unit of measure is preserved.
  • [fix] Chance for default value not to be set on quantity inputs
  • [fix] Row expander column not being displayed (e.g. on the BOM table, when the BOM view is set to Multi-level)
  • Some small UI fixes and improvements