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Release Notes v2.8.0

This is a minor release. Minor releases introduce new features but no backward compatibility issues. Below are some of the highlights. For a more extensive listing of all the changes you can refer to the beta changelog.
  • Barcode scanning improved. Items can be looked up in currently visible tables (e.g. a part in a purchase list) and multiple items can be selected as barcodes keep being scanned. Parts can be created or inventory added to them by scanning barcodes.
  • Vendor-barcodes (e.g. Mouser, Digi-Key) are now supported. You can learn more about it in the Learn section.
  • Add to... context menu added to project build's table
  • API: history can now be searched through the /search endpoint
POST /search
"selector": {
"type": "history",
"history.refDoc.sid": "pa_N4Un4YfmtcAKTBRKuPFEun"
  • [fix] Barcodes: basic and minimal formats being exported with wrong margins
  • [fix] Custom quotes: wrong currency showing up in the Custom Quote dialog