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Release Notes v2.9.7

  • Projects: when creating a new project, and an in-house part through it, the app now checks if the Part Number already exists
  • BOM: when defining Designators, whitespaces can no longer be used as a delimiter (instead, commas and semi-columns should be used - e.g. "C1-10, C20" or "R1;R2;R3")
  • BOM: when importing a BOM, Designators is no longer a mandatory field
  • When picking inventory sources in production, listed parts have a tooltip for better identification
  • When creating a custom quote, a Supplier PN can be defined, if the part doesn't exist on the selected supplier yet
  • When exporting tables, you can now enable/disable row numbers to be present on the output file (CSV or JSON)
  • [fix] Purchasing: received on and ordered on being set to today's date by default when importing a purchase order
  • [fix] Pricing: quotes for generic parts not being correctly sorted by price
  • [fix] Documents: not able to change Category
  • [fix] Tooltips hidden under modals
  • [fix] Chance for Team Workspaces not to re-render data as it gets updated/synced