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Release Notes v2.7.6

  • Production tab: you can now see all project builds in a single tab, instead of having to go to each project individually
  • BOM and Project Build table now include some statistics at the bottom (see below)
  • Project builds: production cost is now displayed at the bottom of the table and a warning icon will show up if some of the items don't have a unit cost defined
  • Parts: Add Inventory shortcut added (Ctrl+I or Cmd+I), the Add Inventory dialog shows up for the currently selected part
  • Inventory table: double-clicking an item will open the Adjust Inventory dialog
  • Custom fields new type: URL
  • Documents can now be sourced through an URL (previously, only from the file system or workspace)
  • [fix] BOM import: data from fields that had to be manually mapped not being imported