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Release Notes v2.5.5

  • Project BOM: the same part can now be assigned to multiple items in the same BOM. This affects how a given part's availability is calculated (see below)
  • Project Builds: Assemble Qty on planned items can now be changed and reset to original one. Once the item has been assembled or inventory is reserved, Assemble Qty cannot be changed anymore
  • When Enforce quote selection is enabled (Settings > Workspace), items on a Purchase List without a quote will result in an error instead of a warning
  • History events added: inventory reserved, inventory unreserved and inventory consumed
  • History log events are now coloured for easier visual identification
  • Double clicking on most tables will trigger the Edit action (if available)
  • [fix] Project Builds: prevent inventory to be decremented twice when assembling items from reserved inventory
  • [fix] Project BOM: allow using - on BOM reference designators when not using it as a range (e.g C1-9)
  • [fix] Don't generate history log when adjusting inventory with zero quantity
  • [fix] Create Purchase Order when Enforce quote selection is disabled

Assigning the Same Part To Multiple BOM Items

Previously, a single part could be assigned to a single BOM item only. This is not convenient, specially if later on a project build one part is replaced by an alternate one which happens to be already assigned to another item. Being able to use the same part in multiple BOM items is then essential.

This affects how availability is calculated though. Taking the example below:

In total we need 900 units but we only have 509 on-hand, so only the first item, that requires 300, can be assembled (or inventory can be reserved for). Items that have availability only partially cannot be assembled nor inventory can be reserved for.

Changing Quantities on a Project Build

You can now change the Assembly Qty on items that don't have any Sources defined yet (whether because inventory has been reserved or because those items have been assembled already). Once changed, the quantity can also be reset to its original value.

More (and Colourful) History Events

When looking through the History table of a part, it could be hard to interpret some apparent "gaps" on inventory. This is because when inventory is reserved it's no longer on-hand, but reserving/unreserving inventory hasn't been logged in history. So, on the next inventory changed event you'd see an initial quantity that wouldn't match the quantity on the previous inventory changed event for that same storage location.

For this reason, there are now 3 additional events: inventory reserved, inventory unreserved and inventory consumed. While the first two directly affect your on-hand inventory by decreasing and increasing it, respectively, the last one as no effect but allows us to see that inventory previously reserved was at some point consumed (i.e. assembled in a project build).

On top of this additional information, events are now also coloured so they can be visually identified more easily.

Also, the inventory moved history log now includes the original and current quantities on each location.