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Release Notes v2.5.20

  • Filters can now be displayed in two different modes (horizontal - same as before - or vertical). The vertical mode allows you to see more fields at once which can be useful when there are more fields than your screen can fit in horizontally.
  • The widget used to edit table fields in place now pops out of the table so its not partially hidden by column's width
  • Users belonging to a Team Workspace can now use the Sample workspace with access to all features. Previously, full features would be available only on the Team Workspace a user belongs to, other workspaces requiring a subscription to get rid of limits
  • Projects: items on a project build are now more editable. The DNP field can be changed in-place and parts can be replaced by other parts (even if they don't have Alternates defined) as long as an item hasn't been assembled or no inventory has been reserved yet
  • When exporting a table to HTML or PDF, preserve items background color (e.g. excluded or DNP items in a project build have a stripped background for easier identification)
  • Some combo-boxes now have a search field
  • Initial workspace setup improved
  • [fix] API: inventory/move_qty history log missing locations (moved from/to)
  • [fix] Copy BOM: project revisions alphabetically sorted
  • [fix] Not being able to vertically scroll some tables after the first render