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Release Notes v2.10.6

  • When receiving items on a PO you can now tell the app to also export the inventory barcode labels for the inventory that has been just received
  • Production plans: an option was added so no partial builds are created
  • Vendor-barcodes: a custom group separator can be set through Settings - Barcodes. This might be useful for barcode readers that support non-printable character replacement with a single character only
  • Generic parts can be marked as non-stocking
  • When a production plan is automatically created during procurement (from sales orders or other production plans) its batch size can be edited to a higher value if needed (previously, editing wasn't possible)
  • [fix] BOM preferences dialog: not able to set multiple fields for part matching data
  • [fix] Storage: history logs not showing up
  • [fix] Chance for incorrect "part already exists" error when creating a part
  • [fix] When reverting a received item on a PO, storage field not being reset
  • [fix] Production plans: inventory restrictions being reset whenever changing the plan's batch size
  • [fix] Chance for update to fail on macOS Ventura