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Release Notes v2.4.6

  • [new feature] Inventory restrictions
  • Inventory sorting when selecting inventory sources (to reserve/assemble)
  • Update unit cost of in-house part when a project build is finished
  • Automatic backups notifications
  • [fix] Filter out expired lots when selecting inventory sources
  • Other small fixes and UI improvements

Inventory Restrictions

You can now define inventory restrictions. This allows you to tell that for a given project you are only allowed to source inventory from selected storage locations or that only inventory that as a Lot assigned can be used. This setting applies to the whole Project. Errors and warnings reflecting "insufficient inventory" will take these restrictions into consideration. Also, on project builds, inventory that has been previously assigned (reserved or picked for assembly) without inventory restrictions will ignore them (i.e. you won't get any errors or warnings for those).

This feature is available on professional plans.

Default Sorting when Picking Inventory

When selecting inventory sources on a project build (to reserve or assemble), you can now set a default sorting order. This setting applies to the whole workspace. There are 5 sorting options available:

  • Smallest Quantity: inventory with the smallest quantity shows up first
  • Largest Quantity: inventory with the largest quantity shows up first
  • FIFO: inventory created first shows up first
  • LIFO: inventory created most recently shows up first
  • Recently Used: most recently used (created/updated) inventory shows up first